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For the past three-four days my bf and I have been having unprotected sex. I want to get pregnant. Well today is the fourth day since having sex and I have really bad headache, tired and have heavy vaginal discharge. Its not the usual. It's colorless,odorless and happend a lot. Almost as if I had peed my pants in the store. How early can things happen when trying to conceive?


The discharge you described sounds normal to me. The reason you have it a lot is probably because you’ve been having a lot of sex and having sex makes you produce more vaginal discharge.

It happens to me too. It is highly unlikely to feel any symptoms right away. First of all, if you had sex 7 days ago and you were ovulating at the moment, this would be the time of the eggs implantation. It is highly unlikely that you would feel headache and I am not sure if headache is much of a pregnancy symptom.

At this point, if implantation occurred, you may experience cramping and light bloody vaginal spotting.

It may take up to a year of trying for a healthy couple to get pregnant. So, you should be persistent and enjoy!

It doesn’t mean that pregnancy hasn’t occurred but your headache and excessive discharge are not certain indicators that it has.