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Hi Everyone- On Wednesday I saw a doctor about vaginal discharge which she concluded was yeast infection. The very next night, I had unprotected sex 3x for the first time in 6 months (wow, i know!). On Saturday, I noticed a mucousy, pinkish brown discharge whenever I wiped. After the 3rd wipe, it was gone. After the sex, the discharge was gone. It is Sunday and there's still no sign of discharge in my underwear however, the pink mucuous discharge is still there. I am 6 days into ovulation and my period doesn't start until the 23rd. My breasts are also very sore. Could this be implantation? Early pregnancy signs? Or a result of inactive sex? 8-|


To be honest, I doubt it was implantation bleeding since it occurred only 3 days after your unprotected intercourse. It seems to be that the intercourse took place around your ovulation but it is highly unlikely you would experience implantation bleeding so soon. Implantation window is usually 6-12 days post ovulation.

I don’t want to preach but you shouldn’t have unprotected sex with yeast infection and yeast infection could have actually caused the bleeding….not because of sex but yeast could be one of the possible reasons women bleed after sex.

Your sore breasts could be indicating not only pregnancy but arrival of your period and since the estrogen levels may still be high around periods, they are probably causing your breast discomfort.
Since it’s been a few days since you posted…..and your period is about to arrive today……you will know if the pregnancy occurred or not. If you don’t get your period today or tomorrow, you may have a pregnancy test and see what it shows.
If you experience the discharge again, and even develop some additional symptoms, see your gyn again.