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IJust wonder if anyone can help? My periods are normally exactly on time never late never an issue My last period started the 1st of April for 4 days in that time I have had a lot of sex with my boyfriend I was due on my period the 28th of April but still aint come yet I did a urine test at clinic on 2nd of May it was negative Then on 4th may I became really light headed and felt sick went to hospital they did a urine and blood test both negative then late sat night and sun morning I had a little bit of spotting it was a pinky brown colour an only a very tiny amount The Dr said that could be a sign of implantation and it takes on average 9 days to implant after fertilisation which would make my ovulation roughly around the 25th of April Which makes sense due to the clear really slippery discharge I had just before then How soon after what may be implantation bleeding could I get a positive test?? Normally my cycle is exactly 28 days never late or just a day never a week! What are people's thoughts Could I be pregnant? And when should I test??


Hi Crazy,

Yes, you could be pregnant.  It could be implantation bleeding that occurred.  You will probably have to wait a week or so to test again.  When you do take your test make sure you use your first pee of the day as it has the highest concentration of the pregnancy hormone HCG at this time, during the rest of the day it decreases as you urinate.

Hope it helps