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Hello. My fiance made major life changes. After a trip to the ER for chest pain, he lost over 80 pounds, started exercising everyday, gave up alcohol and switched to organic foods (no processed foods either). He stopped drinking as well. His doctors are very happy. All of his blood work is in the normal range. Except his ANA. Surprisingly, after he got healthy and lost all the weight, his ANA turned positive (about 6 months after weight loss). There is a family history of autoimmune diseases: his mother has celiac and his maternal aunt had lupus.  

Doctors do not seem concerned as he does not have any symptoms: no rashes, no joint pain, negative Anti-DNA (DS) Ab, negative Smith Antibodies, negative Sjogren's Anti-SS-A and Anti-SS-B, and negative RF. 

I am finding conflicting information online. Some say perfectly healthy individuals can test positive ANA/RNP and never go on to develop Lupus, MCTD or any other autoimmune diseases. And others say positive blood work is automatic diagnosis. Is anyone more familiar with this? And have more accurate information? Should I take him to a rheumatologist anyway?


i have positive ANA and dsdna. no symptoms. ive seen a rheumatologist.
i do have Hashimotos antibodies though (so far normal thyroid function). rheum suspects it could be from that.