Salsalate is an anti – inflammatory drug that has more benefits for type 2 diabetes. It can lower the blood glucose and also reduce inflammation but recent research found that it can prevent type 2 diabetes. Researchers claim that this drug is very safe and it doesn’t cost much. This drug is similar to aspirin and researchers are trying to prove that it can also treat diabetes by lowering blood glucose, slow the progression of coronary artery disease in people who suffer from metabolic syndrome and in some cases even prevent type 2 diabetes.

Some previous studies already found that high doses of aspirin can reduce blood glucose levels but aspirin is not safe for this kind of treatment since it can induce stomach bleeding and the risk is too high. Researchers also claim that it has been known that inflammatory markers and proteins are elevated in people with diabetes and that aspirin can reduce inflammation. Since aspirin induces stomach bleeding researchers decided to design a new drug. They tried salsalate which is similar to aspirin but it doesn’t cause stomach bleeding in patients at risk for diabetes.