New study found that hugs, touches and sharing feelings with loved ones induce so called love hormone (oxytocin) in the brain and this hormone can help patients who are suffering from schizophrenia, social anxiety and similar disorders. Researchers claim that oxytocin can change brain signals which are related to social recognition through facial expressions possibly by changing a part of the brain which plays great role in the processing of important emotional stimuli and that’s how this hormone can be potent mediator of human social behavior. Researchers determined that people who suffer from schizophrenia often avoid eye to eye contact and focus on some less relevant areas of the face and therefore avoid social contact. Experts claim that use of oxytocin may increase the level of emotional contact between patient and physician. Oxytocin has been used to induce labor and to promote lactation in women and it’s effect on the brain is not yet determined. However, it was noticed that people who use oxytocin don’t report feeling any different but they act differently. It’s now up to experts to find how can oxytocin impact social and emotional behavior in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and similar disorders.