Hi everyone,

My doctor took me off of Yasmin many years ago because of several deaths in Europe that were linked to it. I am 37 and an insulin dependent diabetic and I take the blood pressure medicines Enalapril and Atenolol. Since I have been off Yasmin, I have gained so much weight and feel that the pills are stopping me from reaching my weight loss goals. I am currently on Ovcon 35. I was told that women on blood pressure medicine should not take yasmin due to the possible raise of pottasium levels. I am wondering if there are any women out there that are on Yasmin and taking blood pressure medicine? Or any diabetics on blood pressure medicine that are taking Yasmin? If so, I am wondering how long you have been on it and if you feel okay on it? What does your doctor say about it? I would love to go back to taking it, but I am scared because I am on blood pressure medicine and my doctor has been putting the fear of God in me about Yasmin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.