Here is the situation: I started a job and had to get a TB test and drug test (blood work, etc.)

The blood test came back that I had low antibodies for MMR so they gave me an MMR booster in March 2012.

April 2012 prescribed Atenolol for Migraine preventative Never really took it until May/June 2012 25MG at night I will say that I took it kind of half-assed. I had no idea how serious this type of drug was.

July 4 2012 had upper respiratory infection. Took Z-Pak

July 20 2012 Stopped taking Atenolol because I was feeling weird and was expecting to travel. (nobody told me not to stop taking Atenolol cold turkey. And I obviously didn't read the paperwork that came with it).

July 27 2012 in ER due to massive dizziness/vertigo/heart palpitations/feeling like i was going to pass out/nausea

Ever since then I have been suffering with horrible off balance feeling, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, high heart rate and bouncing up and down blood pressure. I can not stand and talk to people without feeling off balance. I have weird visual *sparkles* like you get before you pass out. It is all very strange. I am not sure if it was the TB test, MMR vaccine, or the half-assed Atelolol usage mixed with an abrupt stop. I truly thing one of these or a combo of these messed my heart up and it is not going back to normal.

I should also add that drinking even the littlest bit of caffeine and standard housework type stuff causes my symptoms to worsen.  Basically anything that elevates my heart rate causes me to feel unwell and extremely fatigued