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Hi everyone. Last month I decided to lose some extra pounds with diet and some mild exercises. I lost about 7lbs so far, but I've noticed strange symptoms such as dizziness and headache. My blood pressure is usually slightly higher ex. 140/90, but after I lost pounds I have noticed that my blood pressure is going up at 160/102, and it doesn't go down. Is this a side effect of weight loss or there's some other cause for this? I have heard that high blood pressure may worsen if you work out. I take Diovan on a regular basis. I still didn't speak with my doctor about this. Should I continue with diet and exercise? I'd like to lose some more pounds, so I'd appreciate if anyone can suggest healthier and safer ways of losing weight. Thanks.


Hi. You should visit your doctor first. In most cases, if you are overweight, blood pressure almost always improves with weight loss. But sometimes a high blood pressure may be caused by other factors, such as genetics, smoking, poor eating habits, etc. Only your doctor can tell after examination. Also, you might need new medication. Especially because you said that your current meds don't help. Good luck.