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Hi, All,
This is my first time posting here. I'd like to give you the summary of my MRI:

Impressions: Severe spinal stenosis at C5-6, attributed to herniated disc and osteophyte, with associated localized spinal cord compression, resulting in edema and/or myelomalacia.

I went for the MRI after having months of pins and needles feeling and numbness, clumsiness in my L hand and arm. My EMG test was normal. A month of PT (3x/wk) has done nothing. I am now being referred to a neurosurgeon and am pretty terrified. From what I've read, it seems like I will likely need surgery.

More excerpts from the MRI report: at C6-7 "mild to moderate annular bulge." And at C4-5, "there is moderate left paracentral ventral extradural defect, attributed to assymetrically bulging disc tissue, osteophyte, and ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament."

Thanks so much for any input - also, if I did need surgery, how long until I can return to work (I work part-time, mostly sitting, and create my own hours)?

Lisa o.O


Well I can tell you that next month is my 1 yr anniv. and I'm still having quite a bit of shoulder, neck, and shoulder blade pain. I was doing better when I went to reg. PT, but have since slacked on doing it on my own and I can really tell the difference. I have to say, if I had to use the comp. alot for my work, I would never be able to. One hour seems to be my limit before my pain gets too bad and I have to stop. Then there's holding my purse, which is really tough!!