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I am a 45 year old. I have been getting the following :- fluttering and a heavy feeling in my solar plexis and chest and an awful creeping feeling in my skin between my shoulders and in my legs, usually at night.Headaches that can last up to three days,irritability, my weight has jumped from 11 and a half stone to 12 stone regardless of the fact that I eat sensibly, bloating and constipation, pimples on my back and face and a leathery texture to my skin. I also get sudden fatigue which makes me feel almost drugged. I am becoming more and more frustrated at work because I cannot focus and lose concentration and interest very quickly. I am on a hormone IUD so cannot tell when my menstrual cycle is. It was fitted when I was in my 30's (it has been renewed) following extremely heavy periods and fatigue.
It is affecting my self confidence and I hate the fact that even after a good nights sleep my head feels tight and my brain is fuzzy.

The other thing I hate is admitting I'm having so many problems. I sound like a hypochondriac! Any advice would be really appreciated.[/list]


I am 49 and started getting all the symptoms you are experiencing about two years ago. I am still getting them all now and unfortunately the tiredness and drowsey feeling are worse. I was amazed to see how similar your descriptions are to the point that I was wondering whether your post was one I may have put up and forgot about. I have also had a course of iron tabs after the doctor discovered I was anaemic. It worked temporarily but I seem to be back to square one again now.

Have you had any luck?