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I am currently under a great deal of (prolonged) stress
I gave not had a period for 4 months and the last period I had was a month late, light and only three days long.
I have experienced brown discharge (looks like old blood after menstruation)
I have experienced an increased amount of yeast infections.
I have been getting the flu repeatedly and for long periods of time.
Light headedness and dizziness when standing
Decreased ability to focus
Fatigue and Exhaustion – mental, emotional and physical; even after sleeping at an early hour and getting a long night’s rest I am still tired
I have also gained weight around my waist

I have taken two pregnancy tests a month apart and had not been (and still am not) sexually active a month prior to the first test. Both results were negative. I had a checkup two months after having no period after the light period and had blood work done and the results came back and nothing was said or mentioned of pregnancy. I am assuming (and hoping) I am not pregnant.

I also tried to donate blood a month ago but my apparently my iron levels were not acceptable, I don’t know if this was just specific to the day or what.

I think I may be suffering adrenal fatigue, I have been researching it and certain things seem to make sense, but I am not sure if I am and I am not sure what I should do. I am only 18 and at my last doctor’s appointment I was treated in a condescending manner and as if there were nothing wrong with me.




Did you recently get off birth control by chance? I am having similar symptoms after getting off birth control. I had a terrible experience coming off of the patch and experienced bad anxiety, panic attacks, lighter menstruation only lasting like 2 days, etc and now I have insomnia issues. All of the issues have culminated in 8 months of pure stress. I was starting to think of adrenal fatigue too. Plus, I had been taking Nasonex for allergies and got off of it to try to get pregnant. I'm thinking that the Nasonex set me off again. Are you on any sort of steroid medication for allergies or something else?

Did your prolonged stress happen before the symptoms started? Meaning, did the stress cause the symptoms. Stress can do terrible things to our bodies.

I would be interested to know if you found out anything. I hate it when drs act like there is nothing wrong. That is frustrating.


The symptoms you've mentioned, I mean ALL of them except for weight gain (I had weight loss), happened to me at age 23 when I had the onset of type I diabetes (juvenile). Get yourself a blood test as soon as possible.