Hi, I'm 19 years old and i've been on the depo for just under one year, my last depo shot should've been the 26th of june 2012 but i skipped it and haven't had one since. I have had unprotected sex since then more than once and i've been feeling this way for a couple of weeks, basically i felt light headed and dizzy the other week but thats calmed down a lot now, i feel tired and im waking up earlier than i used to and after an hour of waking up i'm so tired again as if i am desperate for a nap! i've been feeling sick all day with some headaches, I had some little cramps in the evenings and my breats are terribly sore, even just the slightest touch hurts. Could i be pregnant, i've taken just one test the last week and was negative, it didn't quickly pop up negative it took it's normal 3 minutes. The doctor gave me a bloodtest and i find out in a week how that went, could that say i could be pregnant? The doctor was the one who told me to take a home pregnancy test, Hope you can help. :)