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Is it normal for a woman to experience bleeding after she has had sex for the first time, even if her hymen is already broken? I ask because I lost my virginity a couple of days ago to my boyfriend and we were both surprised to find bright red blood on the sheets and the condom afterwards. The blood was moderate, neither light nor exceptionally heavy. The experience of intercourse was not painful, there was only some discomfort at first, and he was careful to be gentle with me. The bleeding stopped almost immediately.

I have previously inserted tampons and used fingers to masturbate so the bleeding seems strange. Could having something larger 'up there' for the first time have caused tearing or chafing? I am currently on the pill but I am sure that it is NOT any kind of breakthrough bleeding that started coincidentally while we were having sex (my breakthrough bleeds are always brownish in colour anyway).

Should I be concerned?



Yes it is normal