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I'm male and 26 years old.
Yesterday I used a carrot with a condom over it to masturbate anally. I used skin moisturizer as lube. The carrot had a pointy tip.

I don't remember any particularly painful moment except for when the carrot was pushed out and I reinserted it while I was standing, and therefore my anal entrance wasn't appropriately open. I felt a piercing sensation at the edge of anus, but nothing too painful.

After ejaculating, I removed the carrot with the condom and noticed a little blood on its tip. I went immediately (two minutes after cleaning up) to the bathroom and had a bowel movement.

The feces were light brown, broken in several sausage shaped pieces, not particularly soft or hard. One of those pieces had bright red blood mixed all along, but it wasn't homogeneous: there was clear distinction between the brown and the red parts. Also, there were a few (4 or 5) light red blood drops in the toilet itself.

After that I showered and cleaned the area with plenty of soap, making small insertions with my index finger tip to clean my anus.

After showering I started researching about consequences, and I read somewhere that if the injury was particularly high, reaching the colon, it could cause fever. Today I woke up with a little fever: the warmth isn't intense and there's just a little discomfort.

It's worth noting that I'm particularly susceptible to getting ill over stressful situations and even suggestion (there have been situations during my childhood in which I "forced" fever and headaches to skip school). Because of that, I don't really know what's the source of the fever: if it's caused by the stress or the injury.


I would go see a doctor quick