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What should you do if your child suffers a blow to the teeth and chips a tooth or even knocks it out completely? This dentist can hel

Having a child, particularly a young one, means that you face new challenges and questions every day. A common situation that many parents face is an injury to their children’s front teeth. This could result from a sporting injury, a fall, a fight with another child or maybe even just walking into a door. Irrespective of how the injury occurred, being prepared by knowing what steps to take next can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Things You Should Do Immediately

It is likely that a parent will be made aware of the injury through the noise of crying and the sight of blood. Add to the mix other scared children around, and it is likely to be a mess of confusion. The first thing you should do is to remain calm. Nothing is going to be achieved if you are frazzled and unable to take decisions.

Look for any signs of head injuries first, since that may constitute a medical emergency. Take a damp cloth and wipe your child’s face. Remove any blood on the face and maybe even ask him to rinse out his mouth. What parents need to look for in this situation are deep gashes on the lip, which have a tendency to bleed profusely. They also need to conduct a visual inspection of the teeth to see if any of them have chipped or been knocked out completely. Ask your child to stick out their tongue to make sure that it has not been injured.

If the child is unable to open their mouth, then do not force the issue, because a mandibular joint fracture may have occurred. These fractures are extremely common when there is a direct impact to the chin and the side of the face.

Once the parents have an idea of the kind of injury the child has suffered, they can make a decision about whether there is an immediate need to visit the emergency room or they can take care of things on their own. Apply pressure on bleeding sites to help arrest the blood flow. Remember that this pressure needs to be applied for for five to seven minutes without being relieved to effectively stop the bleeding. Use a cold washcloth or an ice pack if available.

Knocked Out Teeth? Here's A Pro Tip

One important thing to remember about a tooth (or more) having been knocked out is to preserve it. Do not wash the tooth in water or scrub it with your fingers in an attempt to clean it. This will remove the essential ligament cells attached to the root of the tooth.

The best idea is to store the tooth in a cup of milk and then try and get it to the dentist as soon as possible. There is a slim chance that the dentist will be able to replace the tooth back into the socket and allow it to heal. This is a proven technique and in some situations the tooth can lost for a decade or so before needing replacement.

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