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I have sever abdominal cramps right before i go, then i just poop out watery bright read blood. Nothing else. I have been having cramps and pooping since 6am. It started with actual poop and then turned into diareha and now just straight blood. No pain in the anus, just the cramps and then the blood. I'm really nervous and can't go to the doctor until monday. A


You are sure you do not have hemorrhoids?  When you are feeling pressure and trying to pass stool, these little nuisances can become aggravated and start bleeding.  The stool can pass through, rupturing the hemorrhoids to make them bleed as well.  This is one of the more common things a person will find they have as the result of bright red blood in their stool.  I worked nursing homes for years and found this was the cause 99% of the time.  If anyone had black, tarry stools that wasn't on iron supplements or had stools that looked like they had blood in them, we did a test to check for blood.  If you don't know if you have hemorrhoids, you can have a doctor check you out.