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ok so i tried giving my self an enema with a tube i found in my house nd its kinda hurt at first cuz the edges were a lil bit pointy but not much anyway afterwards i whiped my butt nd there was blood and then i tried to goo poop about 10 minutes later and it was a little drop of bloddy goo almost snot like nd im freaking out cuz this has never happened before plzzzz somebody help me out i flipping out


you know i have no  idea but u still might have an infection.if it doesnt ger better just know that i am so sorry 4 u and i hope it gets better! not trying to get nosy but u know u could get pregnate and u r only 16. ur mind has not matured enough. sorry if im hurting ur feelings but its 4 ur own good! have saf protected sex.wear a condam, take 2 different bc pills too. safe sex and i hope u get better soon!