Hi my partner and I have been trying for a baby since November when I missed my depo shot.I only had the shot once and before that we used condoms or withdrawal method.My periods stopped during the 3 months I was on depo but returned immediately the following month,December.Ive had normal periods,like clockwork since then however have had the odd bit of brown spotting lasting up to 7 days in the months of January and February.I have been having regular unprotected sex for 4 months and the last time was the 12th of March when my OH left for deployment (he is in the military)on the 15th of march I bled for less than 48 hours and the pain and amount of blood was lighter than normal although I would say it would be too heavy to be what I imagine implantation to be like.I then had no pregnancy symptoms up until about 3 weeks ago when I began to get terrible back ache and cramping,it wasn't the same as period pains and when I went to the toilet I noticed a tiny amount of blood on my paper throughout the day I noticed a small amount of brownish blood in my underwear.This however only lasted a day!I decided to take a pregnancy test the next day but it came back neg so I figured I wasn't pregnant and started to forget about ever thinking I might be pregnant.That is until about 10 days ago,since then I've been having consistent headaches everyday,I am nautious throughout the day on and off and last night I actually vomited,I am urinating twice as much as I normally would,I have on/off cramps that are unlike pregnancy pains,I feel full easily and I find I'm walking up wide awake every night at random times however I'm always shattered by 5pm on an evening.My last period (lasted 2 days) was now 35 days ago and I realise I haven't had sex since my last period but what if I ovulated late or for some reason I still had my period even though I was pregnant?what do you think my chances of being pregnant are?