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Hi all,

So I was on the depo shot for about 6-7 months, but came off in November 2012, as I was unhappy with the weight gain. I then got my first period in early Feb 2013, this lasted 7 days and was the same as past periods before the depo. It's now late March, and I haven't got my period. I feel normal. But I was wondering, is it normal to miss your period after coming off the depo? And how long will it take your body to go back to having regular periods? I am a first time user of depo and wasn't really informed about the side effects during and after. 

Advice or personal experiences would be appreciated! 


hi. i like you was only on it six months i came off it in august 2012 and my period has returned as of September 2012, but it has it has been irregular ever since my cycles can last any where from 24-46 days. i would suggest seeing your doctor just to make sure everything is ok, but by the sounds of it, its just your body is taking longer to react to the fact you have stopped depo. a lot of women who have used depo experience problems with periods after coming off depo its just a matter of tracking your cycles and consulting with your doctor to know whats going on with your body