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This is my first time posting on a site like this, I'm anxious to get answers. So to give you background, I only became sexually active last month I had sex with my boyfriend on February 5th and it was unprotected we used the withdrawl method. Then my period, came a week early on February 17th and that's not like me so I worried and thought maybe I was pregnant. It turned out I wasn't and I moved on, we then had sex March 5th and twice on March 9th. But before March 9th, I had this brown watery discharge that felt like a period but it only lasted an hour or two. Then a day later I had a pink dot when I wiped and it was only one time, so I immediatley go to Google for answers and Implantation bleeding came up. Then I got what I thought was my period on March 11th and it lasted until Saturday. I would have expected it except for if my cycle changed, it should have come today March 17th not six days early.

It started off a very very deep red and it wasn't enough to fully fill a pad in a day, and I didn't have bad uterine cramps like I normally do. I had intense stomach cramps however that only lasted for about two hours that night. Then the second day blood was once again very dark, and not very heavy. When I did wear a pad that day the blood was watery and light pink. Then the third day was back to a dark red as well as the fifth and today it is brown and spotty. I didn't continuously bleed this week on those days either, it came and went mostly. This was accompanied by, a feeling of stretching in my uterus, lower back ache, increased appetite and my sense of smell is heightened I could smell tomatoes on a sandwich from across the room and I can only taste the salt in things now it's really weird. I also stayed bloated throughout the week and I usually just bloat the first two days.

So to conclude my question is should I just shake it off and just think my period got off or should I wait until next month to see if AF comes or should I test before then? We aren't quite ready for a baby, so any answer could be helpful.


Okayy i think you should of for sure not have any type of sexual contact for the rest of the month till we wait for you period as you waiting you could take a home test in 2 weeks . But for sure dont have no sexual contact please .