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hi, I've been on birth control since March of 2003 and I took three depo shots last year but I decided that I didn't want to take any more in December. I had a period while I was on the shot but when I got off in Jan I didn't have one until May and I had one last month, but I haven't had one this month. Ive been having a lot of cramping and discharge but no period. I've taken pregnancy tests but they said negative. Is there anyone who has been through this? and how long did it take you to get pregnant? Thanks.



I was on depo for about 6 months - I stopped because I actually became pregnant with my first on the stuff after the second shot. Anyway, went back on - guess just to to lessen period severity then my husband and I went off that was last July. I became pregnant in October. It does not take too long, it all depends on how long you were on it for. Just as a note it really upsets your body - periods are all over the place so to speak, there or not at all. I would suggest keep on taking a home pregnancy test or blood test. I had to be tested before each shot just to be sure I wasn't pregnant. Ever since then we go straight to ultrasound after blood work when I'm pregnant to determine how far along I am - because of the missed periods.
As a side note, my son turned out beautiful, despite the depo. I would now caution against it (depo) as it seems not to be well researched and has scrwed up my system for some time. I hope this helps! Good Luck!