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My father (87) had an emergency colostomy in June for ruptured diverticulitus. Surgery went well. The "sun downing" he experienced was horrible. It finally went away in about 6 weeks or so. At home and alone, he is able to maintain the colostomy. His depression is under control but I cannot get him much further than the front yard except for doctors appts. He is fine if people come to him. After much discussion, we do not think reversal would get him out much more. He is terrified of the "sun downing" after a reversal surgery and concerned that with diverticulitus he would still have problems with BMs when reattached. Any thoughts? At his age is it better to live with what is working that to chance the nightmares and hallucinations?


I had a colostomy in April 2014.  My daughter who is a nurse and my husband took care of me when I returned from the hospital after being there for 14 days.  I am 72 years old.  Dr. said it was entirely my decision whether I have the reversal or not.  I have decided not to have the reversal.  I live with the colostomy bag.  I shower every day, keep myself and the stoma scrupulously clean and am always finding new ways to make life easier with the colostomy bag.  Considering I almost died during the surgery, I am not going to reopen anything and go through healing process again.  I wish your father all the best.  I must confess that sometimes I do get depressed when I am alone at home but I crochet, go to the library, talk to the grandkids and it passes.  He is so fortunate to have you as a son, tell him this old lady said so.  God bless you and your Dad.