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Hi - I had diverticulitis that perforated my colon while on a business trip in May. I had emergency surgery and 10 days in the hospital with a colostomy (I too had the NG tube fall out, it's excruciating to have it re-inserted). After my staples were removed, my wound opened, required abscess draining, became infected and required daily nursing care for 8 weeks when I got home. I was also re-hospitalized for dehydration after visiting my surgeon's nurse who changed the bag and wound dressing very aggressively! My blood pressure dropped to 80 over 40 and they wheel chaired me into the ER. Frustrating that the discharging hospital did not emphasize the importance of hydration with me, especially with an open wound. They also left in my IV too long causing phlebitis in my arm.

Anyway, I had the reversal surgery 3 months to the day of the emergency surgery and while the surgeon claims outstanding success (the pipes do work again, I'll give him that), I am very worried about the abdomenal swelling, hardness, periodic pain, and occasional feelings of nausea 5 weeks after the surgery. Oh, and the stoma closure site of course got infected and had to be opened and drained. I am afraid of a hernia or bowel restriction but my surgeons nurse and wife tell me that I'm crazy and I'm beginning to wonder. Every time I ask when I can expect the swelling to go down or away I am told a different answer - ranging from 2 weeks (original answer), to by Christmas, to maybe never.

Is the swelling and long recovery normal?


I hope you are doing well now.
My sister had the reversal surgery a couple of days ago and is currently in pain with lots of abdominal swelling.
Just wondering if you have any advice. Did you find out the reason for the swelling and on average how long it lasts.

Any info you can provide or even a link to a useful website would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

All the best