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Hello All,


I am a 32 year old female with a blood pressure reading of 141/109. I started a generic birth control pill about 9 months ago and I have severe headaches all the time for hours at least 4 times a week. Nothing seems to stop the pain, not rest, meds or drinking water. The worst time for my headaches is the last week (pink pills) of of taking the pills. Which I don't take because I was alway told they were sugar pills. I seriously think that is  the corporate to my high reading. I never had a high reading, mostly normal or low even through pregnancy. What does 141/109 mean?


Hi Guest,

141/109 are ODD readings for blood pressure only in that they usually end in an EVEN number.  This tells me you're probably using a digital machine.

Have a nurse/doctor check your blood pressure manually.  I will tell you that 141/109 is HIGH.

141 is the systolic pressure, when the heart contracts.  Normally we'd look for it to be somewhere around 120-130.  The 109 is the diastolic, the heart is at rest.  109 is EXTREMELY high, we normally would like to see it NOT over 85.

120/80 is considered "normal" but it DOES vary by your age.

See your doctor, NOW.  Find out what your BP really is.  Untreated it can lead to kidney damage, stroke, or heart attack.

Good luck.