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I really, really, really want braces. Lets just say my teeth are messed up. I have a big overbite and on the sides of my top row some teeth point inward instead of straight down and my one of my two front teeth us bigger than the other and there is a gap in between. But the thing is I'm not sure if a dentist will think I need braces. I don't want them just to have as a fashion statement, I just want straight teeth and not have to have sort of crooked teether anymore.

I want to know if I would qualify for getting braces. I've read up about them and I heard it doesn't hurt at all and it's easy to get used to. Can anyone give me a lot more information about braces just in case I do get them.


you dont want braces, they hurt like hell, and u wont be able to eat for days, you cant eat popcorn or hard candy, gum, corn, hole sh*t load of stuff that are real good but u cant eat, but if u really want braces dont bit down hard after u get them cos then u wont be able to eat enything