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For the past 3 days, there has been something wrong with my front teeth and gums.
On the first day, my front tooth hurt extremely every time I ate or drank something.
On the second day, which was yesterday, my front tooth throbbed constantly, almost like it had a painful pulse shooting through my mouth.
On the third day, which is today, my upper lip has swollen/numbed and two of my teeth hurt when touched and feel like they're going to fall out.

Looking online, I found out somethings that may be the cause.
Sexual Stimulation: I rarely doubt this one, I'm 15, still a virgin, and have never even had a relationship with anyone.
Injuries:: I don't think it's this one either. I've never been it a fight or falling and hitten my gums/teeth.
Side effects of medication: I don't know about this one. Yesterday, while it was painful, I took serveral paracetamol's and ibruprofen's, I might have slightly overdosed. But i'm not sure.
Misalignment of teeth: This one I ponder about. You see, when I was younger, I developed a rather serious illness, and had all my enamel taken off my teeth and had them crooked badly. I've had braces and they seem better but the front tooth i'm revering to is slightly pushed forward.
Which makes me think this is the reason.

I don't think I have eaten anything I'm allergic too, as I rarely ate yesterday because of the pain. But the things I did eat might be the cause...

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow hopefully, but it still worries me...


I have almost exactly the same problem, I'm curious to know what y our doctor had to say about all this!