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I have full lips and I'm considering a lip reduction procedure. However, I also visited with an orthopedic, and he told me the lips will reduce if I extract four teeth and do braces for a couple years. I've consulted with 2 other orthopedics, one concurred with the first orthopedic and the othersaid he's not sure the lips will reduce.

The only cosmetic surgeon I visited was not too enthusiastic about lip surgery..

Are you or do you know someone who's lips have reduced after extracting 4 teeth + getting braces...

I was thinking of doing braces anyways, except that four is alot of teeth and braces is a 2+ year commitment!!


i'd be worried if the cosmetic surgeon was against the lip surgery- it sounds pretty drastic. i had braces for 2 1/2 years, and would do it again in a second. they changed the whole shape of my mouth. plus: no surgery risk and a lower risk of cavities once your teeth are straight and easier to clean. i'd get a second opinion about pulling 4 teeth- it isn't that many if it'll stop overcrowding, but it's a lot to pull without some serious consideration.
all the best!