Hiii, I started the pill (Ovranette) recentlyish. The Doctor that gave them to me suggested I tricycle three packs, as it's quite commonly done these days and because I was "fast tracked" onto it. Meaning that I had actually finished my most recent period a few days before I started on the pill.


Anyway, I have 16 days left of my third back of 21 pills. I've been having breakthrough bleeding (this is what I figure it is from my googling...) for about a week? And it sucks! Kinda defeats the object of tricycling. I'd probably put up with it if it weren't for the fact that i'm in a relationship, but because of that it's pretty inconvenient.


I read that it may carry on until my next break and that some people suggest you take a 7 day break immediately to stop it. Should I do this? Will this trigger my period? And do I then finish the rest of this pack plus moving straight on to the next month in order to stay protected? Will I be protected the whole time? Sorry for all the questions! It's just not the sort of thing I want to be messing around with without being certain of what i'm doing.