Okay I know when you get pregnant you can no longer have a legitimate period and one of the big signs of pregnancy is no period and irregular bleeding (implantation bleeding) around a week early and no real period because the hormones tell you you're pregnant and prevent a period. So my question is it possible you get pregnant and you have very light implantation bleeding and no period the next time you're due for a period after sex but the next month you have a full heavy normal bleeding but its breakthrough bleeding because the hormones aren't strong enough but you are pregnant? My predicament with that is if the hormones are strong enough to stop the first period and you get light implantation bleeding how is it possible for them to not be strong enough the next time to stop it? My situation is I have been on the pill for a month after about a month break but I've missed one or two pills in that time. I know for sure I've at least taken them for a week straight (which usually means they're active if you've been on it before) and I had sex after about a week and a half of taking them again. He had protection and finished inside me but when he pulled out there was white creamy stuff on the outside of my area, but neither one of us think it was his cum but are not sure what it was because we checked the condom by tying off the top and squeezing it all around checking for holes and there were no leaks. I stopped taking the pill 2 days after (took it the night we did and night after then stopped) and was expecting my period in around a week but it never came and all I had was brown spotty bleeding starting like 3 or 4 days later after sex that lasted a couple days and no real period came. Then this past month I got the feeling I was gonna get my period and sure enough a normal 4 day bleeding to fill up the tampons right on time. But now this past month I've had constant nausea and I think my boobs feel sore and I haven't had my period yet but I'm barely a day late. I'm just wondering what could it be and if it's realistic I got pregnant and also what the answer would be to my above question on how could the hormones stopped that one 'period' or bleeding but not stop my bleeding the next month and I still be pregnant? Thanks!