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my boyfriend and i had sex for the first time in almost
two months on the 27th i am not on birth control
but we used a condom and to our knowledge there
was no breakage

it is now the 5th (8 days later) and i am seeing
some light, brown discharge
my period is not supossed to be for another
week but my diet has been irregular
could this be implantation bleeding?


Diet could play a role in your period and cause some irregularity. If you are truly concerned and think that you may be pregnant, the best thing to do is be checked out by your doctor. Yes, it could be implantaion bleeding. Signs of implantation or possible pregnancy are: small cramps inside the uterus (implantation cramps), short brief spotting (a couple of drops of light or dark blood), a second temperature shift on the temperature curve, a temperature dip at about seven to ten days after ovulation.

Most women have no subjective symptoms at the time of implantation, no bleeding or cramps, but some women report some drops of blood, the so-called implantation bleeding while others report small cramps.

Hope that helps.