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My Wife had IVF transfer on the 04/13, 3 days after the egg pickup.
She was asked to come for a Urine test on the 04/30.
Things were going fine till y'day when suddenly she observed pink spotting in the morning..By afternoon it was a brown discharge with some sticky substance.
We thought we will wait for a day before going to the clinic. Today morning there has been heavy bleeding.

We are going to the clinic for an examination...I am just hoping she is pregnant....
Has anybody faced this situation?


I noticed you didn't follow up-what happened with the bleeding? I am now in the same situation....


Does Spotting Mean Its Over?
No. Please breathe now - you're turning a remarkable shade of blue. Your body has been going through a lot during your IVF cycle. Hormones, injections, stress, egg retrieval (if it is a fresh cycle) - none of these should be discounted. And during the transfer your doctor probably used a speculum so he/she could visualize your cervix, then the catheter had to pass through the cervix, and then the catheter may have irritated a tiny bit of the lining. In addition, you are likely on some hormone supplements including progesterone, which can cause spotting. Any of these things could cause a little spotting, and not necessarily immediately.

There is another thing that can cause spotting, and this is a happy possibility: it's called implantation spotting. Implantation spotting happens when the embryo burrows into the uterine lining and implants, so that it can begin growing. Implantation spotting often looks different from other types of spotting; the color is a light pink or light brown and it may be "streaky" in appearance.

Some women say that in addition to spotting, they also feel some mild cramping a little before or at about the same time the spotting begins. The feeling typically does not last long, as the embryo is quite tiny and only causes a mild disruption in the uterine lining.

Not everyone experiences implantation spotting, so it is one of those aspects of the post-transfer period that tends to make women question everything. Are the cramps the beginning of my period, or are they implantation cramps? Is that spotting implantation spotting or is it the beginning of my period? I don't have any spotting or cramping - so maybe the embryo didn't implant! And on and on, until we are in a two week frenzy of anxiety and nerves.