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The majority of women will not get any symptoms of implantation. But sometimes some of the following might be noticed.

  1. Implantation Cramps: small uterine cramps
  2. Implantation Spotting or Bleeding: Short brief spotting - a couple of drops of light or dark blood. Only 1/3 women experience this, and it is not a guaranteed indication anyway. But note:
    • Appearance - A lighter pink/brown colour than the usual period dark red. May be a light flow of bright red blood
    • Timing - Before your period is due, usually around 9 days (+/- 3) after you ovulate.
    • Duration - Lasting a day or two; occurs intermittently.
    • Heaviness - Unlike the period, only as light spotting or coloured discharge with no flow 'increase'.
  3. Temperature. A temperature dip at about 8-9 days after ovulation
  4. No Period. Your period will not usually arrive if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy tests can also be taken.

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