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I've never had this problem and I'm very concerned. I'm 24, currently on Birth Control, and Sexually active. I started taking birth control to regulate my periods about 2 years ago. I really haven't had a problem getting a period since, except those delayed days when I forgot to take my pills. Well this month was a bit different.. Normally I get my period on a MONDAY but this month I started the Wednesday before (6-24) and now it's Saturday (7-5) and I'm still on it...ONLY it's not really a period.. I haven't seen any blood it's just been brown, with the occasional "chunks" here and there. I wouldn't have been that concerned, but now I am due to the fact that it's lasted far longer than my normal period (typically 5 days). Nothing out of the ordinary happened last month, only that I missed some birth control pills and instead of taking them on the day I miss them I would take the pill the following day with the scheduled pill at the same time (this happend more than 4 times during the cycle).

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


Same thing here.. what did you find out??