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I am 33 yrs old. female.I used to drink quite a bit. I found out 2 months ago that I had a P.E ( blood clot ) in my right lung.

I have been taking warfarin (coumadin) ever since. I have not had a drink. It used to be how I chilled out..

Im feeling pretty uptight and ready to rip everyones head off. All I want is to relax and listen to music tonight. I dont want to drink alot.. maybe a couple beers or a few shots. Is it really THAT big of a deal??????? I know I sound desperate, but I feel desperate. I dont know what Im even doing in this forum, I searched for "coumadin and alcohol" and found this. It did take me to a thread where people were discussing it, but I cant find that thread now that im registered and signed in. Forgive me if this is in the wrong spot.

Is it really that big of a deal to have a few drinks?? Im of age.. Im not sick.. grrrrrr !!!


Warfarin in a blood thinner. Obviously. BUT so is alcohol...

The drinks won't mess up your PTT/INR but will make your blood thinner in the interim. Causing an increased tendency to bleeding.

If I may ask, was there a condition that caused the PE like a congenital issue, trauma, drug use, etc...

Also, if you will be willing, so will I to help, I will need more information first.

Including your normal INR limits...2.0-3.0, 2.5+, 3.0+ etc... Age(33 right), are you a smoker, do you take birth control, varicose veins, DVT's in the past?

Any or all, plus what ever you can add, like other medications, heparin (lovenox or arixtra) and what for (since not all meds are prescribed for the designated usage).

That all said, I must say ONE and only ONE drink a day at MOST until I have a history and work up of simple info.

Keep in mind that on blood thinners you are prone to enteric bleeding (intestinal) joint bleeding ( which can cause arthritis), to the brain etc... So, be wary until you have more information, and then be wary...


I like your story. and l'm in the same boat as you are. I had P.E. in both of my lungs. thanks to Coumadin, since last year l've been taking this drug. So far l'm doing well. As for the booze, l also miss it badly. If you live around here in Brampton, Ontario, l would love some company , by going to the bar and have a few drinks, or stay home and relax and have some drinks.
P.S. let me know the site that you were looking for , so that l can meet with you there.