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I am currently taking a birth control pill right now and I'm 4 days away from my placebo brown pills. When I started the pill I was having a breakthrough bleeding and then the bleeding stopped eventually. 3 days ago I had sex with my boyfriend and he ejaculated inside me. before we had sex I took 2 pregnancy tests and both gave me a negative result. Last night before I go to sleep, i observed that there is a brown discharge in my panties. I'm now worried if that was still due to breakthrough bleeding or it is an implantation bleeding. yesterday I also had strenous exercise. I was also thinking that the discharge was due to that exercise. I never miss a pill, i just sometimes forget to drink it on time, 1-2 hours late sometimes. I'm now worried if I'm pregnant. Am I pregnant? Please help me. thank you..


Here's the skinny on birth control:

Whenever a study is completed on the effectiveness  of each method, they have the people being tested go on a particular method for a year. So 1000 women take Birth control pills religiously, and 1000  couples use withrdrawl method, and 1000 couples use condoms, etc.

Over the course of the year, they keep track of anybody who gets pregnant while using the method.

In PERFECT USE(women who always take it on time, never forget, etc.) , 1 out of 1000 women will still get pregnant within a year while using Hormonal Birth Control(pill, ring, IUD).

In the withdrawl method, with PERFECT USE either 40 out of 1000, or 300 out of 1000 will get pregnant within a year.

(There are studies with conflicting information on this, and doctors will tell you the 70% "effectiveness" so that you get on the "Safer" method, and so they can prescribe you something.) 

BUT THIS MEANS that for 960 or for 700 people out of 1000, withdrawl works 100% of the time that they have sex for the year that they are in the study. (Ah, Statistics. :) )

Just because it is shown to be effective for a larger group of people, does NOT mean you will have success 100% of the time at preventing pregnancy with one method.

The best way to ensure no pregnancy is to use multiple methods to prevent pregnancy (such as BC Pill AND condoms, or spermicide/withdrawl), or to not have sex.

Remember- there are few studies that have been done about sperm in preejaculate, and those have conflicting information, and that there are no easily referenced studies to show how effective a method remains over more than one year. (Your body develops tolerance for other chemicals that affect hormones, so why not birth control?)