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i had unprotected sex with my mate using the pull out method, im experiencing dizzyness, feeling sick, back ache, slight pains in my stomach and i feel weird in myself.. i havent yet missed a period and im not experiencing period pains as i normally have them a week before im due and i have only 5 days before im due.. my mate said he didnt want to be a dad but i supose its both of our faults..
my ovulation day was supposed to have been on the 2nd of september and we had sex at around 1:30am 3rd september..
please HELP.. could i be pregnant??


Hey Kay,

I believe it's too early to be feeling pregnancy pains, and those pains you could be feeling now could be apart of PMS.

Ovulation charts are only accurate if you're serious about it, so if you haven't been recording your basal temp, mucus consistancy...etc. etc...then Ovulation times can vary.

Since you used the withdrawl method, that can range from 76%- 96% prevention. Thus at the least you have a 4% chance of becoming pregnant and at the most a 24% chance. It's not the most reliable method in the world, and you shouldn't use it as your main method of birth control if you're not ready for parenthood.

Since it's pretty much too late to use Plan B/ EC with a high effectiveness rate then wait a week until after your first missed period to take a pregnancy test. Until then stay calm because stress can effect your period too. Pregnancy symptoms usually don't start until about 2 weeks after your first missed period, and implantation does not occur for about 7 - 9 days after. Also just in case you think you might experience some "implantation bleeding", this is very rare for women, and it could just be your period coming.

Hope this helps,


And don't forget that, even when absolutely everything is perfect...the time of the month, the sperm, the egg, etc...there's still only a 25% of a pregnancy. I'm not saying that you should be wreckless, but that's if everything was perfect and you were trying to have a child. Pulling out seems to be debated topic..whatever it is, it's common sense that even IF a small, small pinch somehow was mixed in with the's still MUCH better than dumping the whole load (no pun intended) into the female body. Watch the documentary "the great sperm race"'ll really make you think how it's even possible that humans are here.