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During an intimate encounter with my gf , i fingered her while i was stil dressed. Later she gave me a blowjob. I made sure that i did not touch my penis prior to fingering her but i might have touched the area on my jeans which got slightly wet with precum.
Do u think that it could cause any problems?
Also the day after that my girlfriend started havng her periods which have continued for 3 days now, but she says that her periods were due after 5 more days.
So what is going on, and do peirods conclusively rule out pregnancy?
Plz help soon


My girlfriend took plan b september 2 and got the plan b bleeding on sep 9... about a month later she got a period on oct 7 that lasted her normal 4 days. we then had unprotected sex on october 13 (dumb....) by calculating her 28 day cycle she should of got her period on nov 4 but did not. Can the late period be caused by plan b or could she be pregnant. (her usual period was about the 23 of every month)