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So my girlfriend gave me a hj and i was standing up when i was about to come i put tissue in front of my penis and then after i came some fell off the tissue on her leg by her knee i got more tissue wiped it off and she went in to the bathroom to clean herself off she had all her clothes on . Is there any way she could be pregnant from this? she just took her last birth control pill 4 days before this and isnt planning on taking anymore sorry this is a dumb question i just have bad anxiety and ocd so if you could help that would be great


You don't get pregnant from a drip of semen on the kneecap.

You get pregnant from sperm deposited in the vagina.

If she didn't get any on her vagina or didn't move it from her knee to her vagina, there is no way she could get pregnant from your encounter.

If she was on birthcontrol it's also doubtful that she's going to be fertile at that time too.


Next time, use protection. 8)