Researcher Evangelos Michelakis from the University of Alberta has recently proved that the drug, called dichloroacetate (DCA), reduced the size of cancer tumors in rats by up to 75% with little or no side-effect.
This drug has been used for decades for treating metabolic disorders in pediatrics.

Although DCA has not been through the human trials and has not been showed safe in humans, many desperate cancer patients have been grasping for it online.

The biggest problem is that the drug is intended for animals and that patients have been self-medicating which can lead to numerous, serious side effects.

Although health experts have warned about the drug, patients are still buying it online. They are led by the thought that “if we are going to die anyway, why not take a risk?”

Michelakis's research has drawn a lot of international attention, however big drug companies are not interested in funding human clinical trials because DCA cannot be patented. Ever since Michelakis's discovery, thousands of cancer sufferers have been gathering online to discuss Michelakis's research in different online forums.

A few users, including two people claiming to be doctors, managed to acquire DCA and have been detailing online about their self-medication. is an affiliated website that has been marketing the drug for animal cancers and not for human use. The site also states that improper dosage killed a few animals, lead to paralyses and testicular shrinkage.

For the time being, there are no pharmacists that are selling the drug. An Edmonton pharmacy that was filling prescriptions for DCA has since stopped for the people’s safety and the Alberta College of Pharmacists is keeping a close eye on its members in case someone decides to take advantage of the desperate cancer patients.

Health officials are condemned human use of DCA and report that people who are disregarding the warnings are putting themselves at great risk of developing further medical complications.