New study found that extract from green tea can ward off colorectal cancer. It was detected during the research on rats that Polyphenon E from the green tea limits the growth of of colorectal cancer that is treated with a substance that causes the cancer. Conclusion of the study is that if rats are on a diet that contains Polyphenon E have less chances to develop colon cancer. Some of the previous studies already concluded that consumption of green tea was related with lover rates of colon cancer.

During the study researchers injected in rats azoxymethane which represents a chemical that produces colorectal cancer which is very similar to human cancer. Later, researchers gave rats diet rich with fat , with or without Poloyphenon E in a period of 30 weeks. The amount of Polyphenon E was about six cups of green tea every day.

It was discovered that Polyphenon E minimized the size of tumors in animals who took it compared to the rats who were not given Polyphenon E during the research. Control group of rats developed colorectal cancer in 67% while the group who received Polyphenon E only had 27% of developed colorectal cancers. One more important finding of this study is that polyphenols from green tea decreased number of tumor cases per rat by 80% when compared to group that didn’t took green tea.

Researchers believe that this study could in the near future represent beginning for clinical trials with polyphenols from green tea in humans.