A woman who was buying and using oral steroids online for four years was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and signs of glaucoma, both steroids’ side effects.
She self-diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and bought oral steroids from an online pharmacy in Thailand. Steroids are life-saving drugs but also very dangerous and need monitoring due to its potential side effects that include diabetes, bone loss and eye problems.
Unfortunately, this woman is not the only one who is buying online drugs that require prescription. Online prescription medicines are a multimillion-pound international market. In order to avoid waiting, or due to absence of medical insurance, many other people self diagnose or use the service of the online doctors that are offered by the online pharmacies. Although The British Medical Association is against this practice, it is unfortunately not against the law.
Many of the drugs that are bough offline are fakes and contain very little of the drug named on the bottle. Even if they are not fake, these drugs and patients need monitoring due to potential side effects and interactions with coexisting treatments.
The most popular internet sellers are Viagra for impotence, Reductil for weight loss and Prozac for depression.

The woman that suffered consequences of this irresponsible behaviour was lucky enough as the doctor managed to remove the cataracts but she will still have to undergo treatment for glaucoma for the rest of her life.