i hope i came to the right site. i had a c5-7 fusion five years ago which worked wonderfully. two months ago the disc just below ruptured and i had a an emergency c7-t1 fusion. the took the plate off vert. at c5 to 7 and put a new on on c7-t1. after losing all the strength in my right arm pre surgery, the day after surgery i had immediately had 75% of my strength back. after two weeks i developed a bad infection which i told the dr was not just in the incision, but in my spine--i could FEEL it. after a round of antibiotics, the pain subsided. so--four weeks post op nearly all of my pain returned--right scapula, shoulder, arm/elbow, numbness in my right hand. i can't even sit in a chair. the dr had ordered a mylogram but i'm not confident it will reveal anything. is this normal? without pain medicaiton i'm in agony. any helpful suggestions? post here thanks. randy