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I just had another Cervical Fusion surgery , I had the first one back in 2007 which was ANTERIOR CERVICAL DISCECTOMY with fusion for c5-c7 , the dr put in screws and plates but for somereason my fusion only took the top part , so this past dec my dr had to go back in and put 2 rods and another bone graft next to my neck. This one was a Posterior Cervical Fusion . I just went for a follow up he took x rays and said one of the rods is not perpendicular , he said not to worry . I still have pain in my neck and my ears hurt plus my eyes sight is blurry.. I'm wondering if there isn't a problem with the rod not being perpendicular. I don't want to have another surgery . I'm afraid if i go back in it still won't stop pain. Any ideas ? Should I worry about the rod not being perpendicular?


this is why I am afraid to let them touch me I have had failed lumbar surgeries 15 yearws ago and now they want to fuse c3-t1 and go in through the back. They said my chord compression is severe from c3-t1 and I have to have this surgery or I could become quadraplegic.