So my last period was on the 18th of October to the 21st of October. Its always 4 days long, and i have 28 day cycles that are fairly regular. maybe 1 day early or 1 day late but fairly regular. Now my bf and I had sex from October 30-November 12, pretty much every day. He did not wear a condom,

I am not on any form of birth control, and he used the pull out method. I should have gotten my period around the 15th of this month, and Nothing yet. There's a slight clear/egg white discharge coming out once in a while, My boobs don't feel sore, but i'll explain why I don't feel pain in them in a bit. I'm feeling slight cramps, but not enough that I'm bothered by them. Normally I'm rarely hungry and only eat tiny portions of food maybe once a day. But over the past week I haven't been able to stop eating. I've gained 6 lbs in about 3 days, [which is kind of a good thing as i need to gain a bit more weight anyway, i'm thin]but yeah, as for boob pain, I guess they're kind of sore, but I've been disregarding it since I'm used to feeling pain in my breasts during certain sexual acts, that if they get sore outside of a sexual act, I barely notice.

I'm scheduled for a blood pregnancy test next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday, Haven't made the appointment yet but I'm going to make it for one of those days.