Okay, so, about 3 days ago i noticed that just above my lip at the 'v' or cupids corner, there was a slight amount of pain when i pressed down on it, however when I checked the area there was absolutely nothing, no redness or physical change. The next day the pain got progressively worse, moderate pain might I add, nothing that I couldn't handle and a pain that you would get used to. By the evening I had noticed my lip had started to swell slightly, yet it was BARELY noticeable. In the morning however I checked my lip again and the swelling had gotten worse, more noticeable yet not something anyone would point out. I can feel my lip is swollen when i speak however.

-The swollen area is warmer than the rest of my lip


-Sometimes a tiny bit itchy 

-It is not hard, just soft, as if it is part of my lip

-fairly red, a couple shades darker than my natural lip colour

-It seems as if the area just above the swelling is a bit swollen as well

I'm not allergic to anything that I know of and I haven't eaten any new foods or anything. The other day i did try on a bit of my friends lipstick however i have used it many times before so i doubt that it is the cause. Also, prior to the swelling I did have a slight sore throat and a stuffy nose.. could that have had something to do with it? Just to add I did use my mums lip liner the other day as well.. could it have something to do with sharing bacteria through make up? Please help! What could be the possible causes of this completely random swelling!?