Hello all,

So my boyfriend and I had sex just last week and we didn't use any protection. Yes, I know it was a poor choice and we should've known better but that's not the case. He withdrew before he ejaculated, which I know isn't fool-proof because there's always pre-cum. That's when I took the morning after pill (Plan B) 19 hours later.

The next time we did it, which was a week later, we did use a condom but it ripped without us realizing until later on. Once again, I took the pill and consumed it around 8 hours later.

I'm really worried if I'm gonna get pregnant. I heard from others that taking the pill more than once in a month will increase the chances of pregnancy. I just had some spotting yesterday as well, if that's what need to know. What do you guys think of chances of getting pregnant?

I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you!