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Today, my boyfriend and I attempted to have sex. He had on a condom, and he tried to penetrate me. But he couldn't. We just stopped trying after a little while. I'm just curious what are my chances of getting pregnant? He didn't ejaculate inside me, nor did he fully penetrate me, and he was wearing a condom the entire time. I know I might just be being paranoid, but I just need to know. Thank you.


Any time you have sex, protected or unprotected, you risk the chance of getting pregnant. Condoms are not always full proof. Not to mention you don't have to have complete penetration to get pregnant. I got pregnant after my fiance ejaculated outside of my vagina. I know, it sounds crazy, but it can happen. Your chances seem very very low, seeing as the condom didn't break, and he didn't ejaculate. It's extremely unlikely that you could get pregnant, but there is always a chance. Hope this helps!