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Obesity is characterized by excessive fats content in the body that harms the health of an individual. In the last 25 years tremendous rise is noted in the occurrence of the obesity in the young kids. Even the deaths have been reported due to the obesity. Many of the kids from 2 to 12 years are found to be suffering with the obesity. It has been noted that about 30% of the young kids worldwide suffer with the obesity, which is really a problem of concern. Due to the occurrence of the obesity in such a young age their body growth in retarded. The development of the secondary sexual characters is found to be abnormal in the obese kids. The increase in the weight makes these kids prone to various other diseases like diabetes and heart problems at a very young age. Many other health problems are noted in young kids due to the obesity.

The main cause of the obesity in the young kids is found to be hereditary. Many of the young kids are overweight from their birth and this is what concludes the obesity is genetic in them. But, obesity is no way good for the health. So, their parents must consult the doctor to help their kid get rid of those extra pounds which would later on lead to various health hazards. Even the unhealthy eating habit is one of the main reasons behind the obesity in young kids. Lack of physical activity is also supposed to be one of the causes of the obesity in the young kids. But there is no need to worry about the problem of the obesity because it can be cures easily by simple methods. The first tip to treat obesity in the young kids is that parents should pay a proper attention towards the diet of their kid. Parents should make it a point that their kid avoids the excessive intake of food items containing fats and carbohydrates.

Kids must be made to play at least for about 1 hour in a day. This makes them physically active and helps to control their weight gain by using the stored carbohydrates and fats. Once the stored fats and carbohydrates are degraded then the body starts losing weight and you may notice a significant weight loss in the kid. Parents should also make it a point to show their kids that how much health conscious they are. This creates an impact on the child and he also himself tries to lose the excessive body weight.

Another important method that could help the young kids to overcome obesity is through the exercise. Yes, even the young kids can join the gymnasium, but strictly under the guidance of the parent and the specialized trainer. This can help a kid to lose the considerable amount of weight loss. Parents should make it point that they pay a special attention to the workout regime of the kids and inform them that what is good and what is bad. Parents support is of great help to the kids to resolve the problem of excessive weight gain.

Parents should make their kid to indulge in lots of physical activity and they must not allow watching the television and playing games on computer continuously just while eating the food items. This is the biggest hurdle in the weight loss. It is not the only responsibility of the kid, but the responsibility of the parents that they should help their kid to fight the obesity. Remember that overcoming the obesity is not an easy process so be patient. We assure you that once you make your kid follow diet control for about a month; your kid will surely be able to combat obesity.

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I would argue that it's not really the responsibility of the child, since children are so young. They really have to be helped and shepherded by their parents to making good decisions and they need as much help as they can get. I would definitely say it's more on the parents than the kids. What do you think?