Study found that cycling is good for some things such as cardiovascular health and body composition but is not so good for bones. People who are into cycling are more likely to have osteopenia and lower bone density.

Scientist included in research cyclists and runners ages from 20 to 60 who participated in their sport at least 6 hours per week in the period of last two years. Research tested bone mineral density and found that about 65% of cyclists had osteopenia of the spine and hip but only 20% of the runners had it.

Osteopenia is deficiency in bone mineral density but isn’t low enough to be treated like osteoporosis and it doesn’t mean that all people who have osteopenia will necessarily develop osteoporosis but in some cases it can lead to injures such as hip fractures.

Researchers advise cyclists to add some different kind of training to their own couple of times a week to help increase bone density. They say basketball, running, jumping rope could be good for them because bone cells are surrounded by fluid that moves back and forth during hit with an impact force and that action gives signal to bone cells to add more mass and it comes best from these sports.